This is the Castulucci Family Travel Service's Official Florida 2004 On-The-Road Policy. Those traveling with us are required to agree to the terms listed on this page. Any changes/updates will be announced in our News/Updates section and via e-mail.

Because there are so many possible things that can go wrong on the drive down to Florida, we have decided to put in place the following guidelines to ensure a safe trip, and everyone's comfort.

  1. Speed: The speed limit varies from state to state. Whatever the speed limit is at any given time, we ask drivers not to exceed more than 9 mph over the posted limit. We feel that staying under the speed limit + 9 will prevent anyone from getting pulled over for speeding. Also, most vehicles get their optimal gas mileage around 65 mph, so there are economical reasons as well!
  2. Caravan: We are traveling to Florida in a caravan of 2-3 vehicles. Since Frank's 4Runner has navigation (i.e. a GPS system), we ask that other vehicles follow Frank's.
  3. Cell Phones: At least one person in each vehicle MUST have a cell phone that is turned on at all times. For obvious reasons, the person must also have a car charger for the phone with them. While we would prefer to have one Nextel phone in each car, this may not be a possibility.
  4. Alcohol: There is absolutely no reason to be transporting alcohol with us to Sarasota. Therefore, we ask that no one bring any on the trip. However, if you do bring some, please make sure it is in the possession of someone over the age of 21, and everyone in that vehicle is aware of it.
  5. Drug Use/Possession: This will be the most strictly-enforced rule. Not only for legal reasons or safety reasons, but also for comfort reasons, drug use is not allowed while we are on the road. It is not fair to assume that everyone else in the vehicle with you is comfortable with drug use. Also (for obvious reasons), drug use is not legal and can be a real distraction to the driver. So, don't do it :).
    Do not bring any illegal substances with you to Florida. If someone were to bring some sort of illegal drug with them, and the vehicle they are in gets searched on a traffic stop, all the occupants of that vehicle will be arrested and the car will be impounded. Clearly, this is unfair to the others in the vehicle and definitely unfair to the owner of the car. Again, just don't do it. If you can buy drugs here, you can buy drugs in Florida.
    No matter what, drugs are illegal and unfair to everyone else. Don't bring them with you. Please read our Drug Use Policy for more information.
  6. Gas/Bathroom/Food/Driver-Switch Stops: We will stop as often as we need to. If you are driving and you need to make a stop, please use a cell phone to call the vehicle "leading the way" and let the driver know. We will stop ASAP.
  7. Oil Change Policy: The owner of each vehicle should make sure to get the oil changed within 500 miles of us leaving for Florida. When we return to Chicago, the owner of each vehicle will be paid $30 to get an additional oil change to cover the miles put on the car from the road trip. Do not wait until we arrive in Sarasota to get your oil changed! Take care of that before we leave.
  8. Insurance: The owner of each vehicle should make sure that their auto insurance covers the other people that will be driving their vehicle. If not, you may have to get a temporary extension of some sort that will cover the other drivers.
  9. Drivers Licenses/Identification: Everyone going to Sarasota must have either a valid drivers license or state ID. There must be at least 2 drivers per vehicle, and each of the drivers must have a valid driver's license.
  10. Each vehicle must have a working spare tire w/ the equipment to change it.