This is the Castulucci Family Travel Service's Official Florida 2004 House Policy. Those traveling with us are required to agree to the terms listed on this page. Any changes/updates will be announced in our News/Updates section and via e-mail.

The policies on this page are basically to ensure everyone's comfort while we are staying in Sarasota, as well as to protect our liability for the property rental.

The sleeping arrangement and privacy policies below are strictly meant as guidelines. These two rules should be able to be followed on a "handshake" basis (kind of like, "you respect me and I'll respect you"). We're all friends, so we don't see any problems arising. But, we want to make sure everyone is aware of what the sleeping situation exactly is before we leave.


  1. Smoking: This was a no-smoking rental and thus no smoking is allowed inside the house. You can smoke outside on the backyard patio (or anywhere outside for that matter) but please do not smoke inside the house.
  2. Drug Use: See our Drug Use Policy for more details. Absolutely no (illegal) drug use is allowed on the house property.
  3. Sleeping Arrangements: There are no strictly-set sleeping arrangements. As you are probably aware, there are not enough beds to accommodate everyone. Furthermore, most of the bedrooms have more than one bed in them. However, we do recognize that many of the people going on the trip are couples. Therefore, on any given night, we would like to give (dating) couples priority for a bed. The next priority will be given to other couples (defined as any two people who wish to share a bed). Our logic for these priorities is as follows: two people in a bed instead of one doubles the amount of actual people in beds. Therefore, we would like to encourage this "doubling up" in all possible cases. There will also be couches to sleep on in the house, and we will have at least one inflatable mattress.
  4. Bedroom Privacy: There will be plenty of room for privacy, especially for couples. However, due to the arrangement of the house, there will most likely be other people's luggage inside the room that each couple is in (and possibly an additional bed). Therefore, when each couple wants privacy, we do request that they responsibly notify others in the house, and not be in "private-mode" for a ridiculous amount of time. Also, if there is more than one bed in a given bedroom, we do not want couples locking others out (for the entire night), as it is unfair to bogard an entire bedroom.
  5. Property Damage: Any person who damages any of the rental property must pay for it. Although we don't have to totally clean up the house when we leave, we must still treat it with respect because it is not ours. We are still liable for any damages that occur to the house, so we ask everyone to please be responsible.
  6. Cleaning: Although our rent does include a cleaning service fee (to clean the house after we leave), it will be desirable to do some mild cleaning during the week (we'll have to rinse out those shot glasses once in awhile!). So, we ask that everyone pitch in.
  7. Excessive Noise/Loud Music: Although our house is located in a prime vacation area, we must still be aware of the neighbors around us. Therefore, please help to keep the noise/music down to a reasonable volume (just to avoid any possible confrontations with the police). Last time in Sarasota, we had no problems.