This is the Castulucci Family Travel Service's Official Florida 2004 House Policy. Those traveling with us are required to agree to the terms listed on this page. Any changes/updates will be announced in our News/Updates section and via e-mail.

Not only for legal reasons and safety reasons, but also for comfort reasons, drug use is not allowed while we are on the road, and is not allowed on the rental property in Sarasota. It is not fair to assume that everyone else in the vehicle/house is comfortable with drug use. Also (for obvious reasons), drug use is not legal and can be a real distraction to the driver of a vehicle. It's use/possession has serious legal implications. So, don't do it :)

Do not bring any illegal substances with you to Florida. If someone were to bring some sort of illegal drug with them, and the vehicle they are in gets searched on a traffic stop, all the occupants of that vehicle will be arrested and the car will be impounded. Clearly, this is unfair to the others in the vehicle and definitely unfair to the owner of the car. Again, just don't do it. If you're able to buy drugs here, you're able to buy drugs in Florida.

No matter what, drugs are illegal and unfair to everyone else. Don't bring them with you. And, don't use them in the car or on the rental property. The Castulucci Family and Castulucci Family Travel Service does not support any form of illegal drug use.