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The Trip We've Been Waiting For...



As college-age students, we're all concerned with how much it costs us to have a great time. With bills to pay, we're all working on limited budgets. Luckily, with the planning and resources of the Castulucci Family, we are able to offer you a more-than-week-long trip to Florida for only $350! That's no pocket change, but keep in mind that the $350 includes gas, travel expenses, lodging, food, and money for other miscellaneous expenditures.

Compare this trip's cost to Cancun. According to Expedia(tm) at the time of publication, a trip to Cancun (flying on the cheapest airline and staying in the crappiest hotel available) for the same length of time would cost a whopping $827. That includes only travel and lodging - not food or other expenses! We encourage you to shop around.

Good Times...

A two-minute drive to the beach (it's even within walking distance), being away from all the bullshit at home, staying in a private house with close friends, drinking pina coladas in the that sounds like a great recipe for fun. Whether it be peace and quiet (on the 99% white quartz sand beach - rated #1 by the Travel Channel last year) or partying and enjoying the nightlife, you're guaranteed to have a great time with us in Sarasota.

Dates & Location...

The selected dates of travel are August 9 - August 17, 2004. We carefully chose these dates based on the availability we received and everyone's school schedules. We expect to leave around noon on August 9 and arrive in Sarasota around 11 AM or noon the next day. We will leave Sarasota on the 16th and arrive in Chicago on the 17th.

The house is located in Sarasota, FL on the Siesta Key Peninsula - home of Siesta Beach (rated top sand in America by the Travel Channel in 2003). The house features a private pool and Jacuzzi, two full kitchens, three bedrooms (one of which is in a separate apartment), three full baths (that means three showers!), and more! The house is located in the heart of Siesta Village, which is the "strip" of Siesta Key - there are many shops, stores, and restaurants all within walking distance! Jetskiing and other water sports are also available in the bay area.

For more specifics on dates and the cost breakdown, check out the pages: Important Dates & Cost Breakdown

For more information on the Sarasota/Siesta Key area, check out our Area Information Page (COMING SOON).

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