Canada 2005?
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Welcome to the official website for the Castulucci Family's Road Trip to Canada 2005!

This trip is currently PENDING, eh?

Dates of Travel: March 18, 2005 - March 27, 2005
(Sometime during these dates, anyway, eh?)


This trip is pending on the following:

  • Determining where the hell the Bosco Stick factory is really located. It's either located in Troy, MI @ 1135 Rochester Rd, or it is located in Warren, MI @ 25000 Guenther Rd

  • Figuring out where we are staying in Canada

  • Timing the trip so that we arrive at the Bosco factory during business hours

  • Creating an estimated budget for the trip

  • Creating a rough itinerary for the trip

  • Getting more interest. There is only room for 5 people on this trip (as currently planned), but we would like 5 "definites" to keep the cost of the trip low enough per person